• Victoria Norris

    This is the cutest and sweetest thing. You two are seriously relationship goals!!
    xx, Victoria

  • I absolutely LOVE this post! I can relate so much and this is beyond sweet. Way to be a goal digger girl!!

    Sugar & Something

  • Dana Mannarino

    Such an awesome post! So sweet.

    Pink Champagne Problems

  • Megan

    This is really cute and makes me think a lot. I had a serious boyfriend freshman and sophomore year and thought we were going to get married too. He broke up with me in a really harsh way a couple months ago and ended that reality. It’s been a really rough few months but you’re right…you don’t need that and need to live in the moment. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • You’re a strong girl, it sucks but there’s someone waiting for you just around the corner– it always happens when you’re least expecting it to! And plus, you don’t need a man that won’t support YOU making YOUR dreams come true!! Thanks for reading and sharing lovey!

  • This is so sweet! Sounds like you have an awesome man (and you’re pretty fab yourself!) XO

    • Aw thanks, Gentry! PS I love love love your name!

  • Awww I MISS YOU! Come to Durham k bye.

    Love you so much!!

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